I studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. Then I worked as a theatre designer, designing and making sets and costumes. This was a fine time of collaboration and inventiveness. For a few years while bringing up a family I worked mainly alone, painting to commission and for exhibition. I am inspired by the landscapes and townscapes around me, and it gave me time to explore how particular paints can behave on beautiful paper. But I like to see what text and artwork can say together, so much of my current work is as an illustrator. During 2014 – 15 I was mentored within the 'Picture Hooks' scheme for emerging picture book illustrators. I'm looking forward to more collaboration and inventiveness in the future. You can find me on facebook where I show work-in-progress and experimental stuff alongside the sort of thing you see here.... and here I am on Twitter.
I work mainly in watercolour, ink and pencil, with occasional bits of Photoshoppery.